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Professional Flea Baths for Dogs

Fleas can prevent your dog from living a healthy, comfortable life. According to the ASPCA, these pests can cause anemia, allergic reactions, and general discomfort in your pets. A professional flea bath for your dog is just one of the ways you can effectively fight back against these parasites!


Visit Stone Mill Grooming today to keep your pet healthy with one of our flea bath treatments. With 15 years of experience, you can count on us to get rid your dog's flea problem.

All natural flea shampoo

Your pet will be bathed with a high-quality, all natural flea shampoo to ensure their complete health. This effective treatment will only cost you $5 - $10, and it's an excellent way of preventing future health complications.

Why fleas are so hard to get rid of...

Fleas are built to reproduce; an adult female can lay up to 50 eggs a day! You can imagine how as the days go by, these little pests will multiply faster and faster if you are not actively managing them. So, just treating your pet is not enough to eradicate these guys; you also need to commit to cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! If you simply treat your pet or remove them all from your pet, in a few weeks a new round of eggs will hatch and you'll be back at square one.

The flea eggs are laid on your pet but they fall off easily into the environment as your pet moves around. Do pay close attention to thoroughly cleaning your pet's bedding especially or anywhere they spend the most time, then move outwards from there until the whole home is covered. Vacuuming and cleaning regularly (even twice a day, if you can) will pay off.

It does help to learn how the flea life cycle works. Since most treatments used on pets will only get rid of the adult fleas, understanding how long each life stage is may assist. The four stages of a flea life cycle is egg (about 2-14 days), larva (about 2-3 weeks), pupa (about 2-14 days) and adult. Do note that if the environment is not right for the pupa to become an adult, the cocoon can protect the pupa for months or even years in certain instances. So, even if you think you've succeeded, it is best to take precautionary measures and keep up the cleaning routine.

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